Last updated 14.9.2023


At the initial stage of research, the kinds of permits or preliminary ethical review the research requires must be clarified. The research is communicated throughout its life-cycle and it is necessary to produce a communication plan as early as at the planning stage.


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Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has developed a facilitated publication workshop model to make research and development work easier for authors.


Ethical review is part of comprehensive and proactive research integrity, the aim of which is to anticipate ethical problems and risks.


TENK's model of curriculum vitae for researchers complies with good scientific practice.


Ethical dilemmas arise where the different premises and goals of the world of business and the world of science intersect.


The importance of ethical matters is constantly increasing in EU programmes funding research and innovation.


Who should be asked to give consent when research concerns children or young people? How to ensure that a child knows what consent involves?


Transparency regarding reseachers’ potential conflicts of interest is important in order to retain the trust of society and citizens in science.


Legislation aims to ensure that clinical research uses competent methods, produces reliable results and is ethically acceptable.


When conducting research in partnership with commercial interests, it is the researcher’s responsibility to safeguard research integrity.


At universities of applied sciences, the job of ethics committees is to conduct preliminary ethical reviews of research in the human sciences.


Ethical review means scrutiny and evaluation of a research plan in advance in the light of the ethical practices.


Besides TENK there are other advisory boards on research ethics in Finland.