Doing research

Last updated 14.9.2023

Doing research.

Research integrity is part of the researcher’s professional skills. Responsible conduct of research is self-regulation of the scientific community. However, the limits of research work are set out by legislation. An open science culture promotes science and the impact of science.

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Using material collected from social media entails a number of legal obligations and complex questions of research ethics.


A researcher must cite their own earlier work just as conscientiously and honestly as they cite the work of other researchers.


Allegations of research misconduct are investigated in the research organisation.


This ten-point list provides researchers with useful information on data protection.


Finland has many laws and regulations that may affect research conduct.


What will the researcher’s role be if one day machines perform most of the current research tasks?


Ethical considerations should cover the entire research process from choice of topic and material to the privacy of research subjects and the reporting method.


Pre-emptive ethics is a tool that can be used to systematically identify and resolve issues of research ethics as a community.


ImagOA - Open Science and Use of Images is a guide for using images in the era of open science.


Occupational codes or other ethical guidelines work in addition to TENK's guidelines.


The Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK has created a network of Research Integrity Advisers.


The online course Open Science gives researchers an introduction to ways in which science can be conducted more openly.