When material is stored and correctly archived and made open, it aids new research, teaching and study. Communicating at the right time, in the right way and to the right target group improves the use of scientific findings in supporting decision-making.

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Combining the open availability of data and data protection is a central challenge for archives in the coming years. 


The production of accessible content and services is in everyone’s interests – and also a requirement specified in law.


The acronym means that the source material, methods and data products of research must be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.


The responsible researcher and responsible research should operate in interaction with the rest of society.


In decision-making, attention should be paid to up-to-date expert information in all its diversity.


There is much less objective information in the world that we might think. What we do find is a number of well-founded alternative viewpoints.


The review of the State of Scientific Research in Finland approached the impact of research on society via the roles of science in society.


If researchers and other experts withdraw from debate, the public arena will be taken over by others. Be brave and get out there!


The best way of identifying a research subject is by their name, but their identity can also be revealed by other information.