DIAMAS Webinar on Multilingualism presentations and recording

Cover picture for DIAMAS Webinar on Multilingualism

Presentations and recording of DIAMAS Webinar on Multilingualism are now available!

DIAMAS project organized a Webinar on Multilingualism in the Institutional Publishing ecosystem that featured presentations of the Institutional Publishing Landscape survey results, the Toolsuite article and Guidelines concerning multilingualism. The Webinar also provided insights from OPERAS multilingualism SIG, CoARA multilingualism WG and Helsinki Initiative expert communities into developments in language technologies, translation services, and research assessment to support multilingual work. Participants were invited to give feedback on the DIAMAS toolsuite and guidelines by answering short (10 min) survey here.

Time: 28 February at 15:00-16:30 (CET)

Programme: here

Recording: link to recording provided upon request

Survey for feedback on DIAMAS Toolsuite and Guidelineshere (will be open until 19 March 2024)



  • mikael.laakso@tsv.fi
  • janne.polonen@tsv.fi

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